New community specialist - Saying hi!

(Tobias Bignell) #1

Hi guys,

Toby here. Really nice to see so many like-minded people! I’m from the Standing on Giants team - We specialise in inspiring brands to feel the power of community through workshops, training and management.

I’m going to get stuck in with answering any questions and offering advice when I can and feel free to say hi :).

(Nick Emmett) #2

Hey @tobiasb - welcome to Feverbee experts, it’s great to hear from you.

What sort of challenges are you working on at the minute?
Do you guys work with predominantly internal or external communities?

(Tobias Bignell) #3

Thanks for the welcome @Nick_Emmett, lovely to be here.

I’ve been working in the world of community for around 9 years now. We work on both internal and external communities but use a consistent methodology with each team we collaborate with.

Our methodology was born out of giffgaff, whose community our team founded :slight_smile:

A challenge I experience is facilitating the understanding in others that a thriving, satisfying and ultimately beneficial community is an organic entity that grows over time. It cant happen overnight and needs care and attention. Just like in the real world, worthwhile relationships within a community form over time. The more you put into a community, whatever its objectives are (customer support, innovation, insights, content, etc). The more you get out. Its always a welcome challenge to inspire this understanding in others though for me.

What challenges do you face in your community work?