Nepenthez & community power

(Darren Gough) #1

This comes off the back of the video game thread but was interested to break it out and see what people thought.

There’s been an interesting court case in the UK lately involving the gamer “Nepenthez”. He makes a (good) living from the FIFA games - essentially releasing YouTube videos that generate high viewing levels. More recently, the community has been discussing ways to trade “skins” which seems to have fallen foul of UK gambling laws. You can read about it here.

I was curious to know if any of our Experts run communities where the content or discussion has either gotten near or into areas where it’s become a legal concern and how you’ve dealt with it.

From my experience, we had a “matched betting” board (you might need to google it to learn more) which could be hugely profitable, but also carried a good deal of risk and we had to have a custom board disclaimer, some due diligence from our legal team and ensure any issues from that area were prioritised.

We also had threads around people claiming they were suicidal and some “interesting” money saving ideas.

What have others seen and how did you deal with it?

(Jeffrey Otterspoor) #2

I’ve been involved in several situations where we had to be in contact with local authorities or where they contacted us.
Some examples:

  • Player’s selling virtual currencies to each other (which is already against our own Terms), and after payment not giving what was paid for. Talking about hundreds up to thousands of Euro’s here.
  • Creditcard Fraud. Seen this one multiple times in both small and high numbers.
  • Situations that escalated online and continue offline. As in threats, stalking and harassment.
  • Users sharing illegal content or promoting illegal activities.
  • Users slandering our good name or abuse other users. This happens, but sometimes it goes way to far.

What do you exactly mean? People using suicide to save money or were you just mentioned two issues that required legal attention? :stuck_out_tongue:

(Shreyas) #3

We had a lot of that in our community! Since we’re a neighborhood community chat, the community was basically what people made of it. Some of the most common problematic posts were:

  • Where in {locality name} can I buy marijuana?
  • Any girls available for friendship/casual hangout in here?
  • Pornographic content

We learned that there was a pattern among these. These were the days when we did social media ads and most of these users who were posting such stuff, came through them. These ads had banners of men and women talking, graphic illustrations of someone trying to find something in the area. Maybe this gave the impression that we’re a casual chat app (Tinder?). Less than 5% of users actually read app description on Google play while downloading a new app. Another observation was most of these unwanted posts were from 10 PM - 2 AM.

What we did
We hired a couple of interns to moderate the chat round the clock, added auto hide filter if there were discussions with potentially dangerous keywords. Another amazing feature that the tech team suggested was Shadow Ban/Hell ban. This really helped us keep away the trolls that posted unwanted/offensive content.

We did have an interesting discussion with one of our users when we introduced moderation. He seemed to feel that it was violating freedom of speech. We then reached a point where community members moderated the content- someone posts offensive content, they take ownership of the forum and say that this kind of content is not appreciated on Belong(proud moment for a community manager).

(Darren Gough) #4

Suicide is arguably the most effective money saving idea possible but yes, two seperate concepts :slight_smile: