Need help on wording: building a 'trap' to capture users?

What would you call this: building a best-in-class resource, database, or content repository in order to capture users (with the goal of converting them into engaged members)?

The first thing that came to mind was honeytrap, which I later Googled and … it kind of fits, if you’re into romantic seduction for government espionage LOL

Please don’t use honeytrap (or honey trap) because it doesn’t fit at all.

I assume that you want people to be attracted by something good for their benefit which is the opposite of a honeytrap.

A honeytrap denotes a false or illusory relationship that does not reflect reality. It connotes an outcome that is detrimental to the target. That is not the impression you want to create.

Internet honeytraps are servers, websites and networks designed to attract hackers engaging in criminal behaviour, e.g. as this project does:

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Yeah maybe I was thinking of internet honeytraps … Any alternate suggestions??

I’ve given it a little thought and it’s hard for me to think of a suitable word. But maybe something here will stimulate you.

Most of the words used to “capture/trap” someone are negative or have such a connotation, e.g. abduct, acquire, attract, bait, beguile, cajole, capture, coax, decoy, draw, entice, entrap, grab, inveigle, lure, seize, take, tempt, wheedle.

I wonder if you should look to words describing why the user would choose to be captured e.g. affect, arouse, enthuse, entrance, excite, galvanise, induce, motivate, stimulate, sway, thrill, yearn

I like something like galvanise. It represents a sudden change but another meaning links to a longer term when we consider galvanised metal used for roofing. Where I come from it is mainly pre-colored and long run which is the word I’d use for the repository because you want long-term and persistent engagement in the long run.

Sway could be an acronym e.g. satisfy when a yearning, stay with and yield

Is this not what Nir Eyal referred to as the ‘Hook’ (technically you are triggering their attention and the hook is the behaviour) but I guess that is what you have mind?

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