Need help creating my Community Strategy (Goals, Objectives, Strategy & Tactics)


(Casey Sheldon) #1

Hi all,

I don’t know what is wrong with me but think I am definitely overthinking this as I have been hung up on this for the past two days and there is so much stuff online it’s making me go crazy. So wanted to get some advice.

Basically, I am being asked to create my companies community strategy (Goals, Objectives, Strategy & Tactics) off of my KPIs, and then set up a 30,60,90 day plan for how I’ll achieve them with my team. I’ve already decided that the first 30 days will be back to basics to ensure my team understands how to communicate on each platform with each brand. I came into this job a few months and the team needs a lot of coaching.

Here’s a little context on my company: We’re a D2C eCommerce home furniture company that currently has 5 active brands and recently have expanded into some brick and mortar stores. So my KPIs are pretty simple.

My KPIs are:
Response Time
Customer Insights (feedback from community)
SOV (share of voice)
Retail ROI
Channel Consistency

So here is what I have so far for my strategy based off the my KPIs and what I want to achieve in this community. I’d love some input on what I have so far, and if I should change anything what should it be?

(Richard Millington) #2

Hey @crsheldon, thanks for sharing this.

We use slightly different terminology in our approach (some examples) -

A 30/60/90 day plan seems a bit intense. I might also question where the KPIs came from.

However, what you have above seems logical enough to me. I’m not sure it will hit the KPIs quite the way you want, but it all trickles down from objectives to actions fine. Some areas like “developing a trackable upsell/cross-sell strategy” seem like an odd thing to put IN a strategy :slight_smile:

You might want to be more targeted in what actually creates leads here (are you identifying them or generating them? There’s a big difference).

The plan also seems to get pretty vague towards the 90 day mark. Terms like “work with content team” or “Share positive brand messages” are quite vague. And 3) Crea…seems to suddenly end mid sentence :slight_smile:

This is why we created our Strategic Community Management course by the way :slight_smile:

(Casey Sheldon) #3

@richard_millington - thanks for the insight. I know it unusual to have the community strategy make into aa 30,60,90 day plan but I think my boss just wanted to make sure we have the right talent on my team that I acquired upon coming on board.

While the KPIs are super vague, I did feel like I drew in some goals that would how I would increase AOV and Sales (specifically in the 30-60 and 60-90 plan) where I mentioned implementing an upsell/cross-sell and add-on sales goal (we are an eCommerce company that has several brands primarily in the furniture space), as well as creating an advocacy program and outbound engagement strategy in Q&A forums. I will take a look at those templates and see which stacks up closest to my company and what I am seeking, and yes the course looks amazing but unfortunately is something I can’t afford at the moment.