Native ads that can't be adblocked

(Gear Buzz) #1

I am thinking about developing a native ad system for my own use.

Paid messages / images / posts within (strategically placed) posts
(Not externally ad served)
The posts would time-out and would not be permanent
The posts would be dismissable by members (disappear)
Perhaps self serve for pre authorised advertisers

But I worry what google would make of the peek-boo / now you see it / now you don’t content…

So I am daydreaming I could wrap (only) the native ad content in “no index” tags

But I am not sure if that is viable.

(christopher w) #2

Not sure if you can get Google public Internet indexer to ignore parts of a page.

Fwiw, Google Enterprise Search Appliance used to provide googleon and googleoff tags to allow you to exclude parts of a page. I’m not sure if these tages are recognised by the public Internet indexer though. Edit, just confirmed, they are not supported.

Although there is some talk of hiding temporary content in self hosted iframes and blocking the url in Robots. Never tried this myself, but worth a look I guess.