My Boss Won’t Let Me Is The Best Cop Out

(Richard Millington) #1

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It’s too easy to say “my boss won’t let me”.

It lets you hide from any risk or responsibility.

It lets you tell your buddies; this would’ve been great, if only…

It lets you believe you are great without having to prove it. I’m often amazed by how many community pros walk away from great companies because they didn’t get everything they demanded.

Are there many organizations that will give a new employee everything they demand? I doubt it.

I have a friend onto his 3rd company within 14 months. Each time he walked away within 3 months claiming “my…

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(Frank Field) #2

When it comes to what my members want, my boss, happily, lets me blame him for darn near everything.
But to your point of walking away from the job… Ouch. You’re going to force me to examine myself and my behavior? You’re going to make me ask myself the hard questions? You’re not going to pat me on the back and tell me I’m great? I don’t get a trophy for participating? Aw, maaaaaann!
OK, FINE. :::kicks pepple::: I’ll ask myself some hard questions. But I reserve the right to bolt if I know that I can’t save my community from ruin.