My biggest challenge: The Unknown User Journeys

(Sarah Hawk) #1

Continuing the discussion from About the Small Talk category:

I love comments like this – not just because it affirms the work that I do, but because the biggest challenge that I face as a CM is the unknown.

We talk about the need to understand our audience, to figure out what they need and what they are motivated by, to analyse our data in order to discover what people are interested in and what challenges they are trying to solve, but it’s insights like the one that @paulinemareewilson offered me here that mean the most.

A huge part of our work is scientific and is based on fact, but an equally large part is mixed up of circumstance, luck and intuition. That is the bit that I find challenging. I want to understand what’s going on. I can see how many of you are visiting, I can see what you are reading and how long you stay here for, but I don’t know why it is that you lurk, or choose not to post now, or leave altogether.

Comments like Pauline’s offer rare and valuable insight.

How do you get those kinds of insights in your communities?