My anti Adblock solution

(Gear Buzz) #1

(Web only, not visible on mobile yet)

Part 1) Text advertisement message rotation for our private advertisers in a 720 X 90 frame top right of every page

Part 2) (in threads only) Message to adblocking visitors to disable adblocked (righthand skyscraper)

Have a look (with adblocker on)

Refresh to see the ad messages rotate.

(Joe Velez) #2

My strategy is a 2-prone attack.

1 ) Create an in-house Clicks, Email, and Requests tracker. Basically, a system that will display an image or text and track all clicks and impressions to it. It works on mobile, desktop, and email to track opens. On top of that, the image or text will display regardless if adblocker is present.

2 ) Create a new membership plan that offers an Ad Light or No Ads experience. (Provide your audience an alternative.)

The key to the in-house system is that you can change the file name if it ever gets into the Adblock List. However, it’s unlikely that this will ever happen because you are only displaying images/text. (These are acceptable to the adblocker community. No javascript. No audio.)

(Joe Velez) #3

Hey Jules,

What percent of your audience is using adblockers? I imagine it’s below 10% - maybe 5%?

just curious

(Gear Buzz) #4

It’s computer literate, tech savvy audience. It’s approx. 17% and I am very surprised it’s not higher to be honest.

(Joe Velez) #5

WOW, that is very high. How are you tracking adblocker usage?

Would you consider your audience tech savvy? (That could be the reason why it’s so high.)

(Gear Buzz) #6

My solutions 1 & 2 mentioned above are live

We track impressions of the text only messages we display to our adblocked traffic - that gives us a ball park percentage figure.

I know it’s a tech savvy audience because they own and operate a lot of computer software in the community’s special interest topic. (Recording music)

(Darren McKay) #7

In case it’s useful, I use to track ad blocking usage on my site.

Daily, I average around 10-12% of rendered pages being served to a community member with an adblocker running.

(Joe Velez) #8

10% is about average from what I’ve seen. But, it really depends on the audience.

I used pagefair as well but dropped them immediately. I didn’t like the idea of adding another .js file to the site. I simply created my own script and now track via Analytics along with Google Tag Manager.

In the next 2 weeks, we will be launching an ‘Ad-Light Experience’ option for $1.99 per month. It’s basically just 2 ads max per page. (We display a max 6 ads on long pages.)

(Gear Buzz) #9

I struggle to see that being an attractive offer to be honest. But I don’t know your audience. We are max 5 ads per guest and 4 per member. (Desktop) Good luck with it though.

(Joe Velez) #10

Sorry, I forgot to mention that we currently have a $30 (light ads) and $60 (no ads) membership plans. We plan on dropping these and creating one PRO plan with the benefits of the $60 (minus the no-ads option) and the AD-LIGHT EXPERIENCE option as a standalone item.

We plan on adding more items (choices) down the road. All of these options may be purchased separately.

There’s a lot to this plan - and it’s too early to share any details but the whole experience will be gamified. In other words, they will be able to purchase with cash or with earned points.

The goal is to improve retention, growth, time on site, activity, etc.

Adblocker usage on the site is 6-10%.

(Gear Buzz) #11

Sound like you have it all planned out. Exciting!

I am please with this for 7 days live

Over half a million views to people that wouldn’t normally see our sponsors messages and 218 clicks thru to their pages - what’s not to like!

(Bas van Leeuwen) #12

Something to keep in mind: new info states that this might not be legal in Europe.
Probably not something to be too worried about for now, but something you should probably be aware of so that you’re not blindsided :slight_smile:

(Gear Buzz) #13

Many thanks Bas