Moving a community from a Facebook Group to Zendesk Communities

(Gillian Wu) #1

Hi, Feverbee community! As a newly minted Community Manager at my company, my first challenge is getting members of our large, active, and highly-engaged Facebook group to start using a Zendesk Communities forum instead.

Moving our community to a Zendesk forum will help us be more systematic, more responsive, and more data-driven in our Product decisionmaking. At this point, it’s not a matter of whether we should move the community, but how best to do so.

What are your tips and best practices for getting folks off of Facebook and into a structured forum? Have you or your colleagues done this successfully? What should I be thinking about, and what should I expect? Do you know of any resources?

I feel a little bit like a beekeeper getting ready to move my bees to a new hive :slight_smile:


(Richard Millington) #2

I think @madtownjessie is from Zendesk who might be worth chatting to.

You might want to watch from Udemy do as well, I’m sure they’re thinking about moving from FB groups at the moment.

Also follow what this thread:

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(Gillian Wu) #3

Thanks, Richard. We ended up choosing UserVoice for product ideas and suggestions and an integrated Zendesk community for support/success. Happy to help our community with questions about the platform differentiators and how we’ve found success with a dual-platform approach.

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(Nicole Relyea) #4

Hey Gillian -

I’m the Community Manager for the Zendesk support community. I’d be interested to hear more about how you’re leveraging UserVoice in combination with our platform - it’s a use case a lot of our customers have and I’d love to hear how you set it up and how it’s working for you.


(Gillian Wu) #5

Sure. Shoot me an email or book some time on my calendar - or


(Gillian Wu) #6

We ended up keeping the Facebook group, incidentally. Our customers just don’t seem to engage with BBS as well, and the Facebook group has a lot of features that BBS doesn’t (polls, reactions, threaded replies, etc.) so we are currently leveraging Facebook, UserVoice, and Zendesk in tandem. There’s some cross-pollination between the three.

Also, saw you’ll be in SF soon, want to meet up? Would love to pick your brain. I’ll be there in mid-April over the weekend (13th and 14th.) I owe you a coffee at the very least, Buzzing Communities changed my life.