Motivation and the need for competence

(Sarah Hawk) #1

As part of a wider study into motivation theory, I’m currently researching ways in which different communities help to satisfy their members’ need for competence.

A few things that spring to mind are

  • Encouraging peer-to-peer or group brainstorming of individual problems
  • Encouraging members to teach or share knowledge (perhaps offering them the opportunity to host a webinar or be on a panel)
  • Highlighting amazing member achievements
  • Having areas for newbies and advanced members so that people are being challenged optimally for their level of experience

What do you do in your communities?

(Rob Bosch) #2

Too bad there is no response yet on this topic. I think it is very interesting to dive into.

We are now trying to find each member’s expertise by scanning their profile and social media pages. When we have this knowledge, we will ask those that have (or claim to have) expertise to chime in on a discussion.

Next Fosdem (last weekend of Januari 2016) we will meet with a few members of the community in Brussels, Belgium. I am looking forward to have some face to face brainstorming and discussion about the project and the community around the project.

Thanks to @ale_fattorini we have a monthly overview of what has happened in the community, mentioning members with great topics and/or answers.

Every week we welcome new members personally so they feel at home and they are encouraged to introduce themselves and ask help on the forums.

We try to have a monthly hangout. but that realy needs some more work. Any suggestions on how to organize/manage such a discussion is appreciated.