Morning reading habits


(Robert McIntosh) #1

What are the sites that you think are great to read through in the morning to catch up on news, be inspired and generally get up to speed with your day and job?

I don’t mean the regular news sites. I am looking for inspiring and useful, relevant, thought-provoking sites that might just be the difference between “just another day in the office” and “wow, I wonder what that would be like if WE did it”.

In the beginning was the bookmark, and it was bad

Bookmarks sucked, but since the death of RSS I find my reading circle has shrunk enormously. Twitter, and to some extent Facebook, became de-facto RSS feeds - if it was worth reading it was being shared (as long as you managed your tweetdeck groups or twitter lists, now also RIP, well) . But that creates the filter bubble and is why we got such noise.

I want to re-establish some interesting reading in the morning and not sure where to start, so if you have a site or two you would recommend that have some, even tangential, link to community development and management, or just general marketing in the digital age, please share.

(Piper_Wilson) #2

I think this is a wonderful idea!

(Fernando Schneider) #3

I guess this could really vary depending on where people are from and what they’re interested in, right? Where are you from and what kind of news are you interested in? :slight_smile:

(Robert McIntosh) #4

It isn’t the news or local updates I’m after, I thinking more marketing / community / social / creative inspiration for an audience of community managers such as ourselves.

I don’t want to read the usual social media marketing stuff , and I’m not focused on SEO, etc. So where do I get ideas about engagement, community design, behavioural psychology, etc.

Edit: but also poetry, humour, human interest, … (not jus “work stuff” but “ideas stuff”

(rhogroupee) #5

It’s not daily, but the newsletter put out by the folks at Loyal is awesome. There’s content about community specifically, but also some great “rabbit hole” articles.

I also am a big fan of Christopher Penn’s newsletter, which is a categorized roundup if both business and human interest information:

And if you want really curated random cool stuff, try

I’d be curious to hear who else has good updates to share!

(Richard Millington) #6

Is still going? I haven’t seen their work in ages.

I still tend to use RSS via Feedly actually and browse through a mixture of feeds on business, life, and other topics.

(Robert McIntosh) #7

Yeah, there’s something weird there.

I was intrigued when I visited, but the website only shows content up to January. Interestingly enough if you click on any of their archived versions of the mailchimp newsletter, you can then click on mailchimp’s archive to see that it has apparently been active in 2018.

I received the first mail only yesterday (but no sign of it on their site)

(Alfredo Morresi) #8

Same here, still using Feedly as core repository of my RSS content, and android app to read them on the go. It’s still good to know there are still a lof of sources providing RSS, even if it’s well hidden somewhere.

I also have a newsletter subscription to several cmgr-related initiatives, and I group all of then in a gmail tab. So, during the day, I open this tab and try to read what I can do. Sort of stream of content.

Twitter etc: good conversation are happening there, I know, but because of the interruption nature of the media, I tend to do not look too much at them, as they kill my productivity.

Happy to share also resources I’m looking at, not only habits on how I look at them :slight_smile: