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Depending on the nature of your business/employer, a lot of us are facing budget cuts. In our department (CS), our Community team has been asked to justify our external moderator headcount.

What models have you used to explain/forecast your external (or internal) moderator headcount? And what KPIs are you using? eg. if you halved your mod headcount, what metrics are going to shift dramatically (and how do you relate those metrics to things execs care about like DSAT etc)?

Very keen to hear any models for relating forum activity to mod headcount!


@lizcrampton I found this interesting blog on the same topic. This may help you -


@lizcrampton Just checking in to see if he blog post helped you?

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Yes, thanks @ani871 for sharing. Interesting ideas about ‘noise’ compared to valuable content essentially. Thanks for the link!

Asking for justification of moderators is like asking for justification of compliance. No company WANTS to pay for compliance, but we all do it because it helps keep us on the right side of the law.

You can use the same argument for external moderators as your core point. The company can remove all external moderators tomorrow, but that means customers can start posting misleading, inaccurate, or brand-damaging comments with no oversight.

Then show how your moderators have been taking on more and more work per person (eg. total number of posts, more projects, more quantifiable community outreach initiatives, DSAT is nominal, etc).