Mod post count %age

Hi CMs, if you have moderators in your forums, what %age of total post count do you aim for them to produce? I’m talking established to mature communities here. What is your magic number?

I think somewhere around 20% seems healthy - anything over 40% is too high and will negatively impact other user contributions and this also allows our superusers to step up and respond to a lot.

Curious to hear any thoughts…

I’m thinking it might depend on what type of community it is. In a customer support community, it would be much lower, but in a more content-driven community like a CoP, up to 20% would be ok with me. I’m always trying to drive up the member post origination so the number of mod-originated posts can be as small as possible.

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Thanks @rhogroupee! Sorry for lack of context, it’s about 90% focused on customer support content and 10% engagement/content driven.

Curious what ‘much lower’ means to you and if there’s any reason beyond wanting mod-origin posts to be as low as possible to maximize member activity.

Thanks for the additional context! I don’t usually quantify moderator engagement numerically like that (it’s more of a “feel” thing), but if you want to have a strong, useful customer support community, you wouldn’t want to see more than a handful of mod-initiated posts IMO. The whole idea is for customers to be asking for help, helping each other, and making suggestions (possibly) or sharing tips. The less the mods have to post, the better.

My reasoning is that a customer community should be driven by the customers, and too much mod presence (in terms of driving the conversation) can stifle member-driven presence. They start to feel like “well, the brand has this handled, so I don’t need to jump in.” It can stop superusers from emerging to take the wheel.

That’s just my own thought process, though. Would love to hear from others too!