Metrics/Scorecard for an internal Community of Practice

Hello Community builders,
I have a query on how to “track” an internal community. What am I missing:
For context:

  1. I manage an internal Community of Product Managers + Content Management folks.
  2. Our Chief Product Officer (also my direct Manager) goals for the community are:
  • Increase the team’s visibility internally (teams cross collaboration, etc) and externally (by attending conferences, writing blog posts, etc)
  • Talent acquisition
  1. I have been asked to provide “metrics” or a scorecard.

I want to think employee satisfaction should be at the core of this.


I suggest you think about metrics in terms of a commitment curve. What indicators get them from lurkers to participants? Then to regular contributors? I.e. So you could look firstly at: open rates; replies to posts and comments. Next level are numbers of posts created and events attended. We also use contributor:consumer ratio to monitor overall community health.

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Thanks, Susan!

I was going to say something really long and complicated, and then I read @Susan_Burton’s post.

In general, I agree with her, do that, but I also strongly advise that you think beyond your behavior metrics to get at the heart of employee satisfaction. You want to measure power distance, and quality o people’s interactions. record and then crunch data on your and “Kudos minus Uh-ohs”. For this, I recommend extending your NPS surveys to your employees and asking anonymous 1-question items about their morale. Also, do a weekly interview and code those responses over time. Then report out with the interesting tidbits that week and use those interviews to come up with your 1-question surves.