Merging brands and the social approach

(Dean Samways) #1

FeverBee hive mind, a question for you…

In your opinion, if two brands were to merge to create a new entity with a combined mission that was still firmly rooted in the objectives of its past identities, what approach would you recommend in order to form the new social media presence?

For example, start from scratch and build a brand new audience for the new organisation or rebrand some of the existing social profiles in order to retain some of the followers who will continue to be interested in the new messaging?

Will be interested to hear your thoughts and ideas.




(Gillian Wu) #2

Dean, I’d recommend a gradual rollout asking for feedback from your customers. Have you considered polling your community for case/brand messaging testing as part of this brand merge? For social, consider a two-month implementation plan at minimum, as well as pinned posts reminding customers of the new social (once it’s been seeded with posts) to direct them to the new brand identity.