Merge / Take over of a Community


(Tanja Laub) #1

Hello everyone,
as I couldn’t find anything on this via search I opened a new thread
Does anyone of you have a good example where the merge / take over of one community to another one really worked well? I know a few national examples where it didn’t work well as the main members left the community all together and went somewhere else and where the sentiment was really negative because of the take over, but I can’t think of a good example. I wouldn’t recommend taking over a community as of culture aspects and everything but still need to look for those examples. Anyone can help?

(Rex Williams) #2

I don’t really have a public example you can use, but I experienced a merger recently with a couple of internal communities that might relate.

Someone wanted to create a new community and it was pointed out to them that I had a similar community along with a couple others who had somewhat similar topics. When you start and run a community, you develop a certain personality and style, and I knew these other communities we’re different. Your community develops an identity. I knew that if we merged we would lose that. But I also knew that my group was barely hanging on with activity and I didn’t have the time to manage it the way I wanted. And I knew with this new influx of leadership and interest we would get re-energized, plus a huge new membership increase and visibility to our previous work.

So I agreed to the merger, and even though I didn’t like the new name, I jumped in with both feet and supported the new activity. We had multiple steering team meetings and planned out some strategy.

It has worked out great. We have a lot more interaction and sharing happening, and just an overall better community. It just took a little change of attitude, and swallowing of pride and ego. Sometimes we just have to let go. Change can be good.

(Tanja Laub) #3

Thanks for those insights. That is really helpful.

(Sarah Hawk) #4

Talk to Liz Crampton: Has anyone merged two communities?

(Tanja Laub) #5

Thanks for the hint @HAWK I saw that thread but didn’t know if they succeeded in merging or not.

(Richard Millington) #6

I think @dkibbey might have some experience with this. Not sure if it happened in the end though.

(Tanja Laub) #7

Thanks for the suggestion @richard_millington. Really appreciated.

(Joel Rangelle) #8

I personally merged another group into my community. It was a slow and steady process over six months, and very methodical.

Some things that I want to emphasize:

  • culture – you really have to make sure that the “culture” and personalities mesh well. That was one thing where I have to applaud my counterpart. We worked together extremely well. I knew him from before and how he managed. I made myself abundantly available to him and even when he wasn’t emailing me multiple times a day with various questions, I reached out to him almost every day.
  • mimic - you want to match the look, feel, style, and communication. There wasn’t a whole lot I could do within the confines of my software, but I still updated the logo and cover photos and design as much as possible.
  • why - even though the group owner was totally invested, I went out of my way to explain (multiple) times to the membership of the Why they should embrace. It wasn’t always smooth and some members were and still are resistant, but the owner and his biggest superusers adoption went a long way.

(Tanja Laub) #9

Thanks a lot @joelr that is really helpful.

(Liz Crampton) #10

How did it go @tanjaontour?

(Tanja Laub) #11

Thanks for asking. The company is still in the review process and the subject got postponed to next year. So we will see. But they found the informations I gave them really helpful.

(Liz Crampton) #12

Yeah, that’s probably about all you can do. It really depends on the culture of the two different communities too. Let me know how it goes!!

(Tanja Laub) #13

Yes, absolutely it does. So far it is not even sure with which community they are going to merge as the company is looking at different ones. I’ll keep you posted.