Meet your fellow classmates

(Richard Millington) #22

Hey @Ann-Marie_Pistikakis

I’d love to see what you have for the concept.

If there is anything you want to share here, I’d be happy to add a few notes from my side.

(Ann-Marie Pistikakis) #23

Hi @richard_millington thank you for getting in touch. At the moment my Fitness Community is on a FB. Late last year I wanted to apply some of my learning at work into something I am passionate about just for fun. That is bringing group fitness instructors from around the world together ( yogis, pilates instructors, zumba teachers, cycle instructors etc). My FB group now has over 12,000 instructors in it at the moment. Question to you - when a particular brand my have a bigger voice in a community (more instructors) what would be your suggestion in bringing to the life the quieter voices? This fun little project has become very large and exciting now with so much potential :slight_smile:

(Ciara Beuster) #24

Hey guys, nice to meet you all! :slight_smile:

My name is Ciara and I’m working as Community Facilitator in a global online community for Jesuit schools. We are an NGO and are just over a year old. Like some others I began by jumpin in the deep end, after reading the Feverbee Buzzing Communitites and some other resources and am now going back to study the How to Grown and Online Community course in some more detail. Enjoying it so far!

Does anyone else have experience working in a non-for profit online community?
And what kind of education communities do you work in @kharris and @udacimiriam??

(Ann-Marie Pistikakis) #25

Hi Ciara, I work for Breast Cancer Network Australia (BCNA) and look after our online forum.

(Sarah Hawk) #26

Introducing @kgaleza who has just signed up to start. Welcome Kamila.

(Ciara Beuster) #27

Hi Annie, nice to meet you. Sounds like you do great work! Looking forward to learning more from everyone and hopefully also contributing in whatever way I can. Thanks for the message Annie!

(Ciara Beuster) #28

Welcome @kgaleza ! Nice to meet you! What area do you work in and what brings you to this community?

(Kamila Galeza) #29

Hi and thank you for welcoming me to this community!

I am here to learn about what’s new in community management in general, and looking for new tricks to engage our community members. I manage Social Inclusion Community of Practice at the World Bank. Looking forward to learning from all of you!

(Todd Nilson) #30

Hi @kgaleza! So great to see you here on FeverBee. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you need anything or want to chat via Skype.

(Todd Nilson) #31

Hi @MsCiaraB, I’m working directly with a couple of nonprofits right now. Be glad to chat with you anytime!

(Suzi Nelson) #32

Just got Advanced Community Strategy! Love your courses. Thanks for all you guys do!

(Todd Nilson) #33

@Annie, on your question about bringing the “quieter voices” to life, I might start with a list of those individuals in a spreadsheet or the like, along with the expertise or knowledge they may bring. That may require an offline or private message to find out more about their areas of interest and expertise. Then, I’d purposefully work to bring them into discussions where those topics come up (or else post them myself) and @tag them into the discussion asking for their expertise. A softer way to approach it would be to email or message them asking them to drop into the discussion. Have you already tried any of these things?

(Todd Nilson) #34

Congrats @Suzi_Nelson! Would love to chat live about your experience with the courses sometime. We are always looking to enhance and improve them!

(Suzi Nelson) #35

Always happy to help :slight_smile:

(Ciara Beuster) #36

Thanks @Todd_Nilson! I may coe back to you on that. Thanks for the offer!

(Kamila Galeza) #37

Thank you Todd! Will certainly do.

(Ann-Marie Pistikakis) #38

Thanks for the tips @Todd_Nilson :slight_smile:

(Jason Bayless) #39

Hello Fellow Classmates,

I am happy to be here, today is my first day to interact with the course. My name is Jason and I am the U.S. Community Development Specialist for Pachamama Alliance. I work with our Pachamama Alliance Communities, which are in-person, location based communities. We are developing a digital platform to support and connect our local communities and I am looking forward to see the similarities and differences between growing an in-person community and an online community.

I look forward to learning from this course and from everyone here.

(Lucie Pinto) #40

Hi Everyone,

My name is Lucie and I’m the Community Manager for ExamSoft. We have a secure testing software for students at Universities and a portal for faculty members to create their exams. I just the Successful Community Management Course. We’ve had our Community for 4 years. My goal is to increase our Community members by at least 20% of our Users and get members more engaged. I also hope to improve our Champions program.

(Sarah Hawk) #41

Hi @lpinto – you should connect with @MsCiaraB who is also taking the courses and works in the education sector.

Actually, @udacimiriam would be another good contact.