Meet Community Members Page


(Vera Tiago) #1

Does anyone have a good example of a community with a section dedicated to meet other community members? My idea is to create a page, where you can search for other members on your location for example… and other types of filters.

(Laurenfaye512) #2

I don’t have a great example of this, but here to say that I love this idea. :heart_eyes:

We have a basic member directory page that is searchable by name, but that’s about it. I love the idea having more filters to encourage different types of connection types.

If you build something like this in the future, I’d love to circle back see what you end up with and hear how it is working for your members.

(Vera Tiago) #3

well, it’s in our backlog right now :slight_smile: and we have already a few mockups.

I’ll let you know as soon as we roll out this - all the feedback is welcome.


(Josh Wolf) #4

We’re building a map where members can identify each other by location to connect with people in their area. I’d love to have filters on the map to supplement the location information, but that’s probably a distant phase 2.

(Piper_Wilson) #5

@doctorj - Is this system something people can opt out of if they don’t want their location known?

(Josh Wolf) #6

We’re only using information they already shared in their profile, so it’s inherently opt in rather than opt out. And if they get weirded out and want to take themselves off the map it’s easy enough to do so :slight_smile:

(Piper_Wilson) #7

Thanks. I’m extra security conscious.

(Joel Zaslofsky) #8

I’ve never seen a great example of a map-based member directory. However, our Puttytribe community is currently building a map-based member directory with member data in our WordPress databases and an OpenStreetMaps plugin integration.

Eventually, we’ll have filters where members can slice and dice the directory by shared interests, membership in specific Discourse groups (which we use on the Discourse side of our community), and other data points. But that’s advanced stuff we don’t plan to roll out for version 1.0.

How are you planning to do that, Josh?

We’re taking a default opt out approach for individual members, especially with the unknown implications from the EU’s looming General Data Protection Regulation.

(Josh Wolf) #9

We’re using the Google Map platform. I couldn’t tell you the implementation specifics, but pins on the map correspond to the address information members provide and clicking them shows their name with a link to their profile - all accessible only to other members.

(Piper_Wilson) #10

Do you mean their home or business address, or just the city?

(Vera Tiago) #11

We just launched our Meet Community Members page.

It looks like this:

We have it available here, but you need to register to access it.

Let me know your feeddback :slight_smile: