Measuring the value of connections

(Rebecca Braglio) #1

One of the metrics we are currently tracking is the number of connections a member has. All you have to do to make a connection is click “connect.” There is no gateway liked on LinkedIn even.

This has rendered the metric completely meaningless, in my opinion. As a result of making it so easy to connect, our connected numbers increased through the roof. As a result, our 2-16 goal for number of connections is now astronomically high.

In trying to get meaning back into this metric, I was trying to see how we could measure the depth of these connections – great, member makes a connection but do they do anything with that connection? For example, should we track number of messages sent between connections, or number of private inbox messages opened/sent/replied, or perhaps number of recommendations members make on one of their connections’ profile?

Any other suggestions of ways to measure “connectedness” other than through such a superficial metric?

(Sarah Hawk) #2

I think @zapleahy may have some interesting insight on this. Quoting from a legacy post:

(Stuart Vigus-Humphrey) #3

Hi there. We recently conducted an Organisational Network Analysis, which has produced some great connection maps to help us enhance our Communities of Practice. The maps show the levels of ‘connectedness’ based on who people have said they go to for various things, like ideas or motivation. From this, we can filter the results to show who is or isn’t in a particular community and then try to influence them to join if they are well connected within a business or across the organisation. It has also helped us identify potential Community Champions, based on those who appear to have the networking mind-set.

(Sarah Hawk) #4

Sounds really powerful Stuart. Have you been doing this long enough to monitor the results?

(Stuart Vigus-Humphrey) #5

To some degree, yes. We’ve had the results for a few weeks and are gradually working through them with the relevant stakeholders.

(Rebecca Braglio) #6

this is exactly what I’m looking for Stuart — are you using a particular software to do this?

(Stuart Vigus-Humphrey) #7

Hi Rebecca, we used a company called Syndio and they host the survey and dashboard. You can select from a set of question banks, depending on what you want to achieve.

(Rebecca Braglio) #8

thanks so much!