Measuring NPS


(Joel Rangelle) #1

@richard_millington talked about NPS scores in today’s blog.

How would one go about measuring NPS scores?

(remah) #2

Ask a customer to score their customer satisfaction on a scale from 0 to 10. The Net Promoter survey system is the most ubiquitous survey system I know of so there is no shortage of information on how to measure and use the scores.


FYI, your question here was difficult to respond to because it took some thinking for me to understand what you wanted. If this had been an NPS survey then my score would be so low that I would be considered a detractor :grinning::

  1. An unexpanded acronym.
    I can easily think of at least a dozen NPS acronyms mainly in two categories (Business and information technology) overlapping this forum. That’s why most web search results for NPS will not lead with the meaning you are using.
    Almost all the NPS acronyms contain common words like {Net| Network| National| Normal| New}, {Policy| Protection| Planning| Participation| Priority| Pricing} and {Service| Security| System| Status| Schedule| per Second| Scheme}
    At least you said “NPS scores” because if you’d just said NPS for Net Promoter Score® then I might have given a very different response about “measuring = evaluating” the entire Net Promoter System®.

  2. No link to the referred-to web resource which makes it easy to confirm the context.
    If you provided the link to the blog then I would be able to read the context for your question. I would also be able to confirm that you are talking about the Net Promoter System®.
    I could not easily find “today’s blog” because I only ever read it via emails that link to it.
    Also, from your post there’s no obvious alternative path to that web resource. Even following the link to “@richard_millington” does not get me there.
    Actually, @richard_millington in his blog uses two different meanings for the acronym NPS: the NPS (net promoter scores) ; and the Net Promoter System® in 2) NPS scores.
    The blog also ignores NPS® trade mark attribution.

(Joel Rangelle) #3

Oh this is great, you’re the best @remah. I’ll read up on this more.

My apologies on the lack of clarity on the post, yes I really should have referenced the blog post today with talked about the Net Promoter Score system.