Measuring Beyond "Growth"

(Bo McGuffee) #1

My thoughts on this are related to Rich’s article, “More Smoke and Bigger Mirrors.”

Yesterday I ran across CMX’s article “How to Measure Your Community’s Health: Retention, Diversity, Maturity.” Basically, David Boswell argues that the quest for bigger numbers can not only be misguided, but potentially destructive to a community. Instead, we should consider measuring healthier alternatives.

I consider both articles to be wonderful. What I would like to know is this:How have people in our community sold this in real life? If you’ve done so, how did you do it? What were your struggles? And are there those who have struggled to do so and maybe failed? (I wonder if David Boswell, the author of the CMX article would have some to share from his own experience.)

I ask because I’ve reached the point where I’m revising my proposal. The more experiences I hear about the more I can learn as I move forward.

(Richard Millington) #2

So we try to balance growth with activity, and sense of community.

Ideally great if we can get the ROI per active members, that’s a great metric too. Then you can see if your investments are actually paying off or not. I love that metric, but it’s a really hard one to collect on any real level.

I don’t think we’ve ever had anyone that believes that everyone in the whole world should be a member of that community. So at some point they draw a line, we just need to help them draw it.

(Sarah Hawk) #3

I think that if you had everyone in the world being active and relevant in your community, then that would be great, but we tend to focus on growth as hard numbers because they make us feel better, rather than those that are relevant.