Mass Inviting Community Members

(Lucie Pinto) #1

Does anyone have any experience importing a list of people that you would like to join your community? An email would go out to our Users requesting they join the Community. From there they would reset their password and log in. This would be optional.

We have over 40k people that use our software and only 1,600 people in our community. I want to prepare myself for any negative impact this could have on our Community.

(Sarah Hawk) #2

I’ve done this a couple of times (as part of platform migrations, so a slightly different use case). Is your concern a technical GetSat one (in which case we can call in @tashinacombs for support) or more around the effect that an influx of members might have on the current balance?

(Shreyas) #3

We did something similar. After our rebranding, we decided to release a new app on Google Play and send out emails to all our old users asking them to migrate from the old app to the new app. Obviously, as expected, a lot of people didn’t do it because the friction was too high. In our case, previously they had the app as well as the web version, but with the new app, it was app only. So a lot of people complained about that. Another unforseen impact was that many people realized that they didn’t use the app, so they uninstalled it and then just because they got an email, gave us 1 star rating on the old app(thankfully not on the new one). Another experiement we did was A-B testing with the email content. Emails that had members first names used more than once had a better conversion :slight_smile:

First set of emails might not get you a good conversion, but once you get the initial set of people in, in your next set of emails you could include topics that they are talking about in the community with a CTA click here to join conversation. We found these to be super effective.

(Lucie Pinto) #4


This feedback is really helpful! Thank you.

(Jason Hill) #5

I’m not sure that 1.6k members out of a possible userbase of 40k is too bad at all.