Marketing inside community space


(Tirza Austin) #1

Hello everyone,

This is my first time posting here. I manage an association community for civil engineers. Our community has been active for a year and a half. We are contemplating adding some promotional content to our community (mostly just convention ads at the top of the platform).

There has been some hesitancy from some of our staff about keeping the community a “member only space” (free from advertisements).

I’m wondering if anyone is willing to share pros and cons from personal experience from these two mindsets? Does anyone have any best practices to share on marketing inside the community space?

(Richard Millington) #2

Hi @tirza_austin,

Welcome to the community, glad you found us.

Interesting question this one. I guess my question is why are you trying to do this? What is y our goal here? I think that would help us give a good answer :slight_smile:

(Tirza Austin) #3

Thanks @richard_millington

One of the biggest complaints we get as an organization is members not knowing about benefits or events. We would like to utilize as many avenues as we can to communicate these things with our members without being intrusive (sending to many emails). We see our community platform as another space we should be using to communicate with members.

I’m interested to hear if anyone thinks this violates the community space as well. We are still trying to figure out if this is right for our community.

(Travis King) #4

I’m not sure what platforms you run your community on, but could increasing awareness of events be accomplished without ads? Perhaps a forum or Facebook post about upcoming events? Have users share their experiences about events they’ve attended? Brief recaps of past events or presentations? Your community may find that more helpful and less intrusive than ads that they’ll probably block out after the first day :wink:

(Tirza Austin) #5

I really like your ideas. We have been trying to make better use of our event calendars in each community. I heard an idea the other day about asking members to blog on the community through conventions which I really liked as well.

My thinking is that promotions would be increased visibility for events members are already interested in. The best example I can think of is the posters hanging up in the doctor’s office. If I’m at a dermatologist getting treated for eczema, I might also be interested in acne medications. It may be a bad example, but I don’t think it’s being pushy I think it’s providing resources that people might already be interested in.

(Darren Gough) #6

Would be odd for them to complain about event promo if this is the thing they request the most? Perhaps the right way to do it is to engage them first - say you’ve listened to feedback and are trialing some event promo and will gauge feedback.

Then, if they hate it the trial makes it easier to remove. If they love it, becomes the norm.

(Tirza Austin) #7


We will definitely start slow to see what kind of feedback we will get. I was just curious if there was anyone who had tried this before who was able to share their experience?