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I’m really milking this side skills topic!

While this is a bit of a tangent, what strategies would you use to market a specific content piece @Suzi_Nelson? As you probably know because it’s all I’ve talked about for months, I’m about to launch a content piece on superusers/ambassador programs and I’d like to do more than just email our list about it.

How would you approach that?

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Great question! It depends on the peice on content.

We use blog posts, for example, to segment our audience and retarget them with an appropriate offer.

For example, one of products is a certification program about digital marketing, so we know that one of the avatars for that product are employees who are looking to move up in their career path. So I wrote this blog post on digital marketing skills to put on a resume.

We know that everyone who clicks on that has something in common - we know what they are interested in.

So, we’ll pixel everyone who clicks on that post and retarget them on other platforms (like Facebook ads, for example) and shoot them a free resource in exchange for their email (like a hiring guide or something like that; we call this a Lead Magnet). Then we’ll offer them an impulse buy, usually a peice of training, for a low, no-brainer price (we call this offer the Tripwire). THEN we’ll offer them the full program.

The original content peice was created not only to provide value, but also to strategically move a segment of people through the customer journey. It exists to get people to raise their hand and show interest in something specific, so we can follow up with the right offers.

So content marketing can focus on all parts of the funnel: blog posts, lead magnets, tripwires, even core offers, etc.

For your peice on superuser/ambassador programs, the first step is to distribute it to your audience (here’s a blog post on the content distribution system that we use that might be helpful). Then think about what you’ll know about anyone who reads that post. For example, maybe you can assume they have more mature communities or a stronger customer base than other community professionals. What offer can you retarget them with that will resonate with that particular avatar?

I hope this is helpful and makes sense!

Definitely still email it, though! :smiley:

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So helpful and yes it does make sense. Thanks!