Mapping Individual Members To A Broader Roadmap

(Richard Millington) #1

This post from Fred Wilson explains how employees at organisations of various sizes leave because they don’t know where the company is headed or their unique contribution to get them there.

I was curious about this from a community perspective (and all types of social groups too).

Whereas platform vendors often have a roadmap listing upcoming features, I haven’t seen too many communities hosting a public roadmap of where the community is heading - and none that explain how each member can (or does) contribute to it in a unique way.

Has anyone tried this? Be curious to see if this is a tactic that could be applied widely.

(Sarah Hawk) #2

[quote=“richard_millington, post:1, topic:1158”]
and none that explain how each member can (or does) contribute to it in a unique way.
[/quote] That reminds me a bit of something that @joecothrel spoke about at Swarm last week. He talked about measuring ROI from a user perspective. How have we influenced the success of our users? Do people who use our community make more money? His point was really that if you can tell that story, you have a story that no one else in your company can tell, but it also sends a pretty powerful message to the user.

I’d love to find a way to do it.

(David Silvernail) #3

It’s a nice post that points out that one of the critical parts of leadership is having a plan and sharing your vision with the people who will help it come to fruition.

But the post seems skimpy on the “actionable” part of the message. It’s easy to say you’ve got to communicate a roadmap, but what does a roadmap for a community look like?

Is it a series of goals that you are working towards? (Please don’t let it be a list of statistics… the community doesn’t care how many other people join the community, only your advertisers care about that)

What sort of ideas, concepts, and things could you put in a roadmap that a community member could look at and go, that’s awesome! I’m going to stick around and see if I can help make this a reality!

Off the top of my head, I would love to have a booth at a conference next year but my major stumbling block is a budget for the booth itself and staffing it. That’s a goal that the community could help with! We could fundraise internally, collect materials from the members, and get sign-ups for volunteers to staff it.

We have a wiki that has over 3000 terms defined for our industry. Right now, it’s the largest collection of terms that we’ve been able to find in this industry. A goal could be a pocket reference or an app for our members to use!

Just some thoughts about what could constitute at least part of a roadmap for an established community… maybe I’m way out in left field, but that’s what I took away from the article!

(Alessio Fattorini) #4

Interesting topic, I like very much what Jeff says about Discourse Roadmap and Feature Requests:

Roadmap + a clear New Features process + real open discussions about them:

In my community I tried to craft a guideline that explain how to help

jumping right into the action:

Hope this helps