Making communities nicer

(Gordon Strause) #1

It was interesting to read about Stack Overflow’s new initiative to make their community more welcoming:

At Nextdoor (a social network for neighborhoods), we’re considering a similar kind of initiative to make our communities nicer; while there is lots of great stuff on Nextdoor, we also hear from a fair number of folks who would like to see less “griping” and conversations becoming more “neighborly”.

If anyone out there has worked on a similar type of initiative, I would love to connect and compare notes.

Just to preview some of the kinds of ideas we’re considering, they include product changes to better structure certain types of conversations, in product tips, user education (outside the core product), improvements to our reporting and moderation systems, and new features and initiatives to encourage more positive contributions.

Anyway, like I said, would love to connect with anyone who has worked on anything similar or can point me in the direction of someone else who has. Thanks!

(Sarah Hawk) #2

It’s 100% what our platform is all about. Constructive discourse.

We’ve been building tools to support healthy behaviour online since conception. Happy to talk further.

(Adrian Speyer) #3

Hey @gordonst :wave: – I think we’ve spoken before. Happy to chat again :slight_smile:

I have worked with several customers on this with community programs, as well as communities I personally have run.

Drop me a DM and I’m sure we can find time to chat…

(joel galbraith) #4

Thanks for the great article. It’s not an issue we deal with yet. I don’t think we’re just blind to it. We survey users annually and the opposite seems to stand out…about how welcoming and supportive the community is.