Loving The Process

(Richard Millington) #1
Originally published at: <strong>https://www.feverbee.com/process/</strong><br><br>If you enjoy the outcome more than the process, you might have a problem.

It’s great to see an idea from the community included in the product, or feedback reaching the upper levels of management, or a huge community event filled with passionate fans.

But these moments are fleeting and tough to predict. If this is what gives you joy, you’re not going to get much joy. Or worse, you will see the daily inputs as something you have to get through to experience those fleeting moments of joy.

Like many lines of work, you really need to find a way to love the process here.

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(Dean Samways) #2

Should be published on Twitter with the hashtag, #MondayMotivation. :slight_smile:

(Sarah Hawk) #3

What’s the Thursday equivalent?

(Dean Samways) #4

Hashtag ThursdayThoughts? (Definitely didn’t have to Google that)

(Darren Gough) #5

#thirstythursday? No wait, that’s something different…

(Piper_Wilson) #6

@Darren_Gough - Too funny. I needed the laugh. Thank you. :laughing: