Looking for stats/studies on the number of Communities Hosted on Forums etc

(Sue John) #1

Can any one point me in the direction of any studies (or stats) on the number of active communities hosted on forums (or platforms such as discourse) etc? I keep coming up blank (story of my life :D)

I’m not looking for any specific genre, they can be support communities, communities of practice etc etc.

(Sarah Hawk) #2

I don’t remember ever seeing anything along these lines. I’m not sure how it would be possible to record, given that so many platforms are open source these days.

(Sue John) #3

I know, I think I’m in wishful thinking mode :smiley:

(Richard Millington) #4

Not sure how to gather data on ‘active’. It should be possible to track the number of implementations though.

I remember one platform, vBulletin I think, used the same default guidelines or text in their terms and conditions on every site. I put that into google and came up with some 50k results. Not exactly a precise figure, but something to start with perhaps. Can you find something on there that isn’t easily changed?

Tracking activity will be hard. Perhaps individually click on 100 at random (not sure how random that will be given how google ranks this stuff) and see how many are active as a percentage and then multiple by the total number of communities.

Not exactly scientific…but could be ‘something’.

(or just ask each of the forum owners how many customers they have and divide by 2 / 3 :slight_smile:

(rhogroupee) #5

Our original UBB software used default wording for the guidelines (which was then “borrowed” by VBulletin and the numerous other forums that popped up around that timeframe, so when you search those phrases, you should actually come up with almost all of the pure forums that came about around the late 1990’s early 2000’s. I don’t know how many of those products have now changed their wording to their own, but I’m betting that a lot of the older forums have never bothered to update, and your number will be pretty high. Another phrase you can use in your search is “BBCode” since that’s also pretty widespread across the forum universe (another “borrowing” from our original software).

I don’t know of any rolled up number, and as Rich said, the vendors probably can’t even give you an accurate picture either :smile:

(Sue John) #6

Thanks Rachael and Rich, that gives me a starting point.

Years ago there used to be a great site called Big Boards, (now defunct) and although there’s another called The Biggest Boards, I’m not sure how up to date it is. It’s a great way for finding weird and unique communities though.

(Griff Wigley) #7

And Biggest Boards has a ‘sort by platform option.’ Over 800 are listed for vBulletin, for example, but how current it is, I don’t know:


(rhogroupee) #8

That is awesome, and I hadn’t seen it before! Thanks for sharing the link Griff!

Also, HI SUE!!!