Looking for great examples of LinkedIn profiles

(Sarah Hawk) #1

We’re overhauling our About Us page and it will link to our LinkedIn profiles. I’ve always been aware that my profile is a bit weak, especially my intro.

Jess’ quote from the side skills topic made me realise that there are probably people here that can help.

What key points do you think a LinkedIn profile should have? What do you look for in one?

(Renée Van Holsteijn) #2

I’d always like to see some character in a profile. Some personality! It can be done with an original profile pic or header photo, but also in text/tone of voice. Less professional, more personal.
And since articles appear quite big in the app: write acticles about your knowledge and opinion on things! They distinguish you from the others.

But, these are just my thoughts. I’m not a LinkedIn professional :slight_smile:

(Rachael Reilly) #3

Hey @HAWK, when I made the move to LinkedIn I made a lot of changes to my profile. One of which was adding much more rich media. Add some cool images and videos to liven it up a bit :wink:

You can also ‘reproduce’ articles that you’ve written elsewhere and post them as long form posts on LinkedIn.

When I see someone’s LinkedIn profile I always look out for something unique to them, something interesting that would make me want to start a conversation with them!

Feel free to check mine out if you want to - it’s by no means perfect, always a work in progress!