Looking for Feedback: We're building a community builder


(Remalyn Hijara) #1

We’ve been building our online community for the last 6 months and figured that what we’ve built from scratch is actually pretty useful. So we thought maybe we can turn this into a community-builder that lets you launch your online community in less than 30 mins, kind of like how WordPress lets you create your own blog.

We’re not trying to sell it but we’re trying to figure out if people would be interested in what we’re building and if this could turn into a viable product. We would really appreciate your feedback if you think this might or might not be useful for you.

We know some of you already hacked their own solutions with Facebook Groups or Facebook Workplace to run an online community, so what we’re trying to do is more a solution specific for community building - so you get your own community website with tools you need to run your community - posts, events, jobs, online courses, marketplace, etc.

Would love to hear your thoughts on how you currently run your communities and if you think our idea is interesting, so we can figure out if we’re onto something or not :slight_smile:

Andreas & Remz from www.product.cafe

(Richard Millington) #2

Did I speak to you folks a year or so ago?

I think there is a big opportunity for a ‘reddit’ style open source platform. No-one seems to be doing it especially well at the moment. Definitely could work.

(Andreas Galster) #3

Hey Richard, yea that was me :slight_smile: Remz has joined in on Product Cafe since then. When you say reddit-style, do you mean really reddit style in the sense of a very basic text based feed or something more advanced, more like a Facebook for communities?

To give you some context, Product Cafe now supports text posts, job posts, event posts and soon writing of articles, so once that’s there we basically want to wrap this into a prettier package (maybe newfeed-like) and turn it into a platform if there’s interest from people :slight_smile: