Looking for a suitable platform

(Kelly Vo) #1

Hi all,

I’m a very newbie both here and at community platform technologies. I’m looking for an affordable social network platform to use for my community with these needed features:

  • Social network
  • Group
  • Forum
  • Private Message
  • Project Management
  • File Sharing
  • Knowledge Base
  • Evaluation
  • Badge, Rank, Point

I’m currently looking at some WordPress themes however it seems to me not offer enough what I need. If you have any advises. I would be very appreciated it!

Have a nice day!


(Sarah Hawk) #2

Hi @kelly_vo – that’s a pretty diverse range of features.

Given you’re looking at WP is it safe to assume that you don’t have an enterprise budget?

A good starting point would be the platform comparison tool but I’m suspecting your best option would be an integrated WP/open source community platform solution like the one FeverBee is using here.

(Bart van Bragt) #3

They are all fairly standard community features. But ‘Project Management’ is the odd man out.

Do you really need that integrated with the rest?
Who is your audience? What are your goals?
And of course; what is your budget and can you do tech in-house?

(Kelly Vo) #4

@HAWK At this moment, we are looking for something affordable to test our idea out, since we already have a WP admin in-house so this also could be a leverage for us.

I did try platform comparison tool but I still haven’t found anything good so far. Thank you very much for the advises, I also think it would be our way to go in this situation.

@bartvb For your questions:

  • Yes, we will want it to be integrated if needed
  • Our primary audience is university student and our goal is to create a social network/community where students can communicate, engage, learn and develop themselves by working on tasks or projects.
  • We have a WP person in-house but not so advanced level.

At this moment, I’m looking at Thirve Intranet theme on WP, it has pretty much needed features including PM however it seems to miss evaluation, badge, rank and point ones. Not sure how it could be developed/coded or integrated somehow. If you have any advises or suggestions, please share it with me. Thanks in advanced!

(Richard Millington) #5

Hi @kelly_vo

If your audience is university students, I’d almost certainly go with an existing platform (probably a Facebook group or whatsapp group) to test out the idea first. If you can’t get people to participate there, I’d hold back on developing anything further for now.

This is definitely one of the toughest audiences to reach. There are some student communities out there, but they are either struggling or very well established.

(Bart van Bragt) #6

Do you work for a university, are these ‘your’ students? Or do you target students in general? The latter would be quite a challenge, in that case it seems to me that the focus is more on project management than on building a community? Taiga springs to mind in if you’re looking for an affordable project management tool.

If these are your students; there are quite a few (free/paid) solutions out there for educational institutions that enable students to collaborate/plan/communicate with their teachers/professors/etc.