Looking for a community building freelancer


(Rhiannon Horsley) #1

We’re about to launch a community site for an education alumni community, we’ve got relatively high levels of engagement offline, and a lot of dissatisfaction with our current online offering.

We’re using Higher Logic and I’m looking for someone to work with us at soft launch the site and get ready for the hard launch. Does anyone have any tips on where to recruit from (I imagine there are a few freelancers on here), or recommendations of people, particularly people who’ve supported a launch before.


(Richard Millington) #2

Hey @rhorsley

Is this looking for someone to directly manage the community or someone to provide more strategic advice/setup?

p.s. We don’t typically allow recruitment ads on here, but going to let this one pass this time :slight_smile:

(Rhiannon Horsley) #3

@richard_millington notes, sorry!

we’re looking for someone to manage the community - but if someone was interested in providing some pro-bono strategy (we’re a charity, with a tight budget to launch) support we’d be happy to work with them!

(Richard Millington) #4

The Community Roundtable and CMX have pretty good job boards. You can try them out too.

(Sarah Hawk) #5

And the CMX Slack group has a jobs channel.

(Rhiannon Horsley) #6

@HAWK @richard_millington Thanks - this is incredibly helpful!