Live from #MedX - Howard Rheingold & more about communities in health

(Colleen Young) #1

Next week (Sep 23-27, 2015) is Stanford’s Medicine X conference. For anyone working in health, you’ll want to keep your eye on this one. Here’s the schedule.

Not to be missed is Howard Rheingold’s opening keynote on Sep 23 at 8:30 am Pacific.

Howard is the author of best-sellers Virtual Reality, The Virtual Community, Smart Mobs, and Net Smart, editor of best-seller The Millennium Whole Earth Catalog. He’s a participant-observer in the design of new technologies, a pioneer, critic and forecaster of technology’s impacts, and a speaker who involves his audience in an adventure in group futurism.

You can sign up free to listen to all the main stage talks or follow on Twitter #medx. Warning the twitter stream is like drinking from a firehose.

I’m speaking on a panel about privacy, disclosure and innovation and will talk specifically about health, privacy and online communities in health. Reading the privacy and disclosure related threads on this forum has been a significant part of the research that I used to prepare for the panel. Thank you!!

(Colleen Young) #2

Please note, while communities figures larger at MedX than most medical conferences, it is not a conference about online community building. Here are some of the key sessions about community that you may want to tune in for.

12:00 - 12:10 pm Friday, September 25
Smartpatients on #MedX1day
Roni Zieger - CEO of SmartPatients

2:05 - 3:10 pmFriday, September 25
Part 3: Health + Community: What does it mean?

2:35 - 4:05 pm Saturday, September 26
Finding support in online and peer communities

9:35 - 10:20 am Sunday, September 27
Illness & intimacy: How peer-to-peer conversations are identifying and filling gaps in whole-person health

There’s also a workshop about Online Community Management Best Practice: Managing Supportive and Engaged Online Patient Communities with Siobhan Bulfin. CEO and Founder of Melon Health. But it won’t be broadcast unfortunately.

Does anyone here know Siobhan?