Lithium acquires Jive-x


(Richard Millington) #21

thanks @jdg239.

That’s interesting, I wonder how well that generalizes across other types of community platforms.

(joel galbraith) #22

The criteria are NOT equally important to us (i.e. 6,7,8 can be handled with different tools). We reviewed quite a few vendors who had strengths and weaknesses in different areas. Really there were only a couple premium vendors that seemed to have it all. Surprisingly (to me), few platforms had badging or robust analytics.
Where do you question our criteria? Your comment seems to suggest we ask too much of a platform :wink:

(Katelyn MacKenzie) #23

We use Lithium for their social support, I havent had any complaints with their tool regarding social support. Side note though we were sister companies until our acquisition on Friday. But since we are slightly looking at forums for our customers with 2 of our products, I was considering looking at Jive until I saw the article

(Sarah Hawk) #24

Nope, not at all. I was wondering if Discourse would be a good fit. :slight_smile:
With the exception of event management it probably is.

(Todd Nilson) #25

Really? Most of the major players I can think of have some form of badging or gamification engine either baked in or an integration of some sort. We can quibble about what constitutes “robust” analytics, but every major platform has a community analytics component. Would you mind sharing which ones you looked at?

(joel galbraith) #26

My statement may have been too strong, but we evaluated an embarrassingly long list of vendors–not all major players (not listed in order or preference). Again, some great vendors were eliminated simply based on not meeting one or more of our core criteria:

  1. Jive
  2. Lithium
  3. Higher Logic
  4. Small World Communities
  5. Hoopla
  6. Onesite
  7. Zapnito
  8. Bloomfire
  9. Drupal (Acquia)
  10. HiveBrite
  11. CMNTY
  12. Vanilla Forums
  13. Igloo
  14. Standing on Giants
  15. ForumBee
  16. Workplace (Facebook)
  17. Yammer/Sharepoint

(briankling) #27

Agreed it would be great if there was a “slam dunk” vendor that just kicked ass on all counts, and I think that’s an opportunity for the first to get there. However, I would think some of these vendors are close to your requirements @jdg239 with some customization perhaps, but with your use case you’d want to skin the UI and develop your UX beyond out-of-the-box anyway I would think. Which vendors came closest?

(Adrian Speyer) #28

I know I missed out on, because I was in the mountains and disconnected… but I am back.

I’ve seen a lot of Jive-x customers evaluating their options, and wanted to offer my help. If you have any questions about Vanilla, or how we can do a seamless migration for you, please don’t be shy to DM me here :slight_smile:

(Mark Schwanke) #29

In a similar situation as you, Just migrated in January after a huge proof of concept. Might want to check the discussion going on in Jiveworks. There was also a recording yesterday where I was surprised by some of the deficiencies of Lithium though. I also put a little response in as well.

Plug for Feverbee :slight_smile:

(Richard Millington) #30

Ah think that’s behind a customer wall which I can’t access.

Feel free to let me know what’s there though if you like. I’m interested in the discussion.

(Sarah Hawk) #31

Anyone can sign up.

(Adrian Speyer) #32

Anyone can sign-up, but only paying customers can see the content :slight_smile:

(Richard Millington) #33


Take that @HAWK! :slight_smile:

(Mark Schwanke) #34

I’d upload the video but it doesn’t appear that MP4 are allowed. Maybe @richard_millington can see it.

(Mark Schwanke) #35

I’m a Vanilla customer as well. Could you fast track putting the root post at the top of every page of discussions/questions. Might help with people who run external support communities. It’s hard to know on page 2+ of pagination what question was asked and what you’re responding to if you are taken to the Latest comment by clicking in categories.

(Adrian Speyer) #36

I’ll pass along your message to your CSM Brendan.

(Mark Schwanke) #37

He already knows. :slight_smile: