Lithium acquires Jive-x


(Kristen Gastaldo) #1

I’m wondering if I’m the only Jive-x-er here. Just got this news yesterday:

Being that Jive was just acquired a few months ago (by Aurea), this makes me a bit nervous. So, two parts to this post:

What does it mean when Comcast acquires Time Warner (I still assume Jive and Lithium hold the majority of market share - correct me if I’m wrong!)?

And although there are few things I’d like to do less than migrate again … should I start looking at some other options? We’re spending a fortune on Jive. Maybe it’s time to shop around!

(chiprodgers) #2

Good question! I’m wondering myself. I just posted this comment to Rachel Happe’s post on LinkedIn with the news:

Hard to see the positives for customers — either Jive or Lithium. Lithium just bought code from their biggest competitor. But the Jive-x and Jive-n code bases are nearly identical, so how do you split this baby in half? Which current Jive developers, consultants, and support staff will move to Lithium? Who gets the A-players? Then once they’ve split, you’ll have teams that have worked together for years with common technical expertise working on common code in two different companies. Will they continue to collaborate? What if the best expert for a problem happens to have ended up in the other company? Do the code bases fork?

Will the Jive-x code survive at Lithium? Or is Lithium hoping to convince their new Jive-x customers to move to the Lithium platform? Lithium is missing basic structures that Jive depends on, so there will be data conversion issues as well as retraining issues for community members (meaning cost and aggravation for Jive-x customers as their community members chafe having to learn the new platform and complain about “missing” their favorite Jive-x features.)

And of course what happens to companies that have deployed both Jive-x and Jive-n solutions for their customers and employees? Will the code remain similar? Or fork off in different directions? Will there now be separate contracts, support agreements, and Jive experts in customer’s IT organizations?

Somehow doesn’t seem sustainable long term. Much depends on how the two companies work together and where they each intend to take these inextricably interwoven solutions into the future.

(briankling) #3

Yes I just joined a company who migrated from SharePoint to Jive in Dec. We are Platinum customer on Jive-x cloud. Oi, what am I supposed to do with this? We are not and have not gotten Platinum treatment from Jive, everything in disarray. It will take some time for Lithium to fix this, is a mess. There will be a huge bottleneck in trying to merge resources, figure out a plan, etc. You can safely assume Jive is dead at some point in the future, it will trickle on for a few years maybe, but there’s no way Lithium will keep it alive longer term. We have Salesforce CRM and Support Cloud, I’m going to have a look…

(Todd Nilson) #4

Oh, I definitely think it’s the latter without a doubt. It makes zero financial sense for Lithium to maintain (let alone enhance) the Jive-x platform. It’s going to be a hard push to encourage Jive-x customers to migrate over just as soon as they can approximate all of the features of Jive-x in Lithium.

They are almost certainly out of luck. Jive-n will move on and evolve while Jive-x will be stuck like a fly in amber.

Without a doubt.

A viable option. Along with a handful of other platforms you could look at. Many companies will be staring down the barrel of a potentially expensive, unplanned migration, I suspect.

(chiprodgers) #5

“a fly in amber” That about sums it up… Very sad.

(outofthebox) #6

Hey Brian,

What did you like/dislike about Lithium? That is, you used to work for them and were a client! So, what led you to do a Jive-x community? What concerns you about going back to Lithium?

(Richard Millington) #7

This is probably bad news for everyone except Jive (for getting out of a troubled industry) and Salesforce (for having an opportunity to be ‘not lithium’).

I think there are two big problems in the industry today (at least at the premium level).

  1. It’s matured to as big as its probably going to get. There isn’t any data that more people are launching host communities today.

  2. Cheaper newcomers are emerging. Salesforce, Slack, Discourse, and others are increasing prying companies away. If Facebook becomes a viable alternative, then they have a real problem.

For the last year or so we’ve been hearing about layoffs at both companies. Many clients at Lithium I spoke with are troubled by the lack of support they get these days.

So, unfortunately, it’s probably bad news for customers with a less competitive environment and upcoming changes.

I also think it’s bad news for Lithium in the long run too (I don’t see current online forums as the long-term future of community building).

(briankling) #8

I have been trying to wrap my head around the differences in the 2 platforms. From a very basic, fundamental level I think Jive was built with the idea of content streams and managing them. Lithium was founded by 2 gamers who were active in online forums from the early days. Lithium has better moderation capabilities, better permissioning and I think better performance, as well as social marketing and support tools. We’ll see how this “merger” irons out, but it will take time to see any real gain from the Jive acquisition. This is of course only my opinion, I haven’t talked to anyone at Lithium…

(Kristen Gastaldo) #9

My impression from Lithium (when I evaluated a couple years ago) was that it really could do almost anything you wanted WITH A LOT OF CUSTOM CSS WORK.

I’ll be setting up demos with Salesforce, Higher Logic, Discourse …

(Richard Millington) #10

Do @discourse do demos? (@HAWK).

Sure @cocastro and @mlowryvt will happily help :slight_smile:

Are you not planning to wait to see what happens?

(outofthebox) #11

Removing post… thank you.

(Cesar Castro) #12

Since good ole Rich mentioned me, I’m happy to help with any demos (or answer any questions) regarding Salesforce Community Cloud for those that are interested. I can be reached at ccastro at salesforce dot com. Or you can message me here. Email might be easier as I can get other colleagues involved to help answer questions.

(Max Frazier) #13

Hi @richard_millington thanks for thinking of us! @mlowryvt is on vacation in Hawaii and asked me to respond on his behalf while he’s out.
If there are any questions or anyone would like to set up a demo of Higher Logic please contact me directly -

(rhogroupee) #14

In the interest of offering a variety of options…we also offer custom demos/walkthroughs of our platform. Just email me directly -

(Sarah Hawk) #15

Technically no (we do free trials) but I’d be happy to help out.

(Kristen Gastaldo) #16

Definitely going to wait. We’ve got another year on our contract.

(joel galbraith) #17

We were close to inking a deal with Jive and I’m glad we didn’t for budget reasons. Both our Jive sales reps have left in the last few weeks.
Lithium is/was our 2nd choice, but now we sit a little unsure of where to go. We use FB Workplace internally (and like it quite a bit) in our group, but it’s not the right tool for our community and professional development space for our online teachers.
We chose not to look at Salesforce, but only because our organization has no investment (or is getting out of) the Salesforce constellation of tools. Maybe we’ll give it a look.
sigh back to the drawing board.

(Sarah Hawk) #18

What are your primary requirements?

(Jen Thoroughgood) #19

Great insights as ever Rich. What DO you see as the long-term future of community building btw?

(joel galbraith) #20

While not described in detail here, this image gives you a high level view of our requirements.