List of Ideas

(Richard Millington) #1

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Last summer YCombinator posted a list of ideas they would like to fund.

I imagine that’s quite motivating. You don’t have to guess what they want, you can find the opportunity that’s right for your skills (and passions)

This links back to the 6 competence factors.

Why not tell people what kind of discussions you would like to see?

Or what kind of content you would love to promote?

Or which kind of people you would love to recruit?

Or what kind of success you would like to see?

You don’t have to limit activities outside of these topics, but you can encourage them within it.

It’s easier for your audience to feel competent if you provide the opportunities.

p.s. SPRINT London 2016 takes place in 23 days. I hope you join us.

(Anton) #2

I tried the topics wishlist twice in our Ukrainian goat farmers comminity, neither of them worked. Maybe I just did it in a wrong way…