Linking to a tag as a CTA – your thoughts?

(Sarah Hawk) #1

As you all know, every week I create a new “What are you working on this week?” post and use it as our primary CTA for new members.

That involves updating the links in our onboarding emails and welcome PM each time as well, which is a bit of a time waster.

It might make more sense to permanently link to the tag and people can select which week they go into. If you were new, would that seem weird or unwelcoming?

(Mark Williams) #2

I could see it as a positive. See what people have posted in the past and see that it exists.

(Piper_Wilson) #3

At first, I didn’t particularly like the idea but it’s grown on me. I think it can work and be just as welcoming as the perpetually updating links.

I’d give a little bit of background info about the way tags work for people who aren’t familiar with Discourse. You’ve probably already thought of that though.

(Travis King) #4

Yup works for me :smiley:

(Ingrid Peters) #5

Being new in community land and with Discourse this confuses me. I’m not sure as a user what I should do?

Finding out how to work with tags is on my to do list for next week. I’d appreciate any advice you have for me.

(Travis King) #6

Discourse tags can be set by the site management or you can give the community free reign to set their own tags. You can then decide if you want users to be able to tag when they make a new post. Then you can filter by tag or even mute tags so you don’t see any posts that are tagged with that tag.

The tag functionality and visibility still needs some love in Discourse, but you’ll get used to it pretty fast once you start using it :smiley:

(Ingrid Peters) #7

Great! Thanks for the explanation. Will have a play with it next week.

(Travis King) #8

Let us know how it goes and if you need any help :smiley: