LinkedIn Groups

(Chloe Rowshani) #1

Is anyone a member of a LinkedIn group that you find active and valuable? What makes it work?

(Jeremy Meiss (jerdog)) #2

I am a member of a few - and none of them are either active or valuable. I personally think that is due to the way LinkedIn has become, like a business person’s Tinder. But that’s just me.

(Luis Villa) #3

No examples that I can think of. Curious if others know of any.

(Cheryl Fleming) #4

Mine was active and valuable until the new groups rollout.

(Piper_Wilson) #5

Why did the new groups change that?

(rhogroupee) #6

I belong to about 20 groups, and most of them had devolved into “webinar of the week” promotional morasses. The last nail in the coffin was the new group update, which made it much more difficult to find the morasses. You have to now click “Work” and then the Groups button, and then click through the list of Groups in no particular order (might be nice to see the most recent activity or something…ya know, features that have been available in all forum software since 1998…).

(Piper_Wilson) #7

I know what you mean!