Leveraging social media

(Sarah Hawk) #1

How many of you run communities that have associated social media accounts?

How do you use those accounts? Do you tweet/share content in the hope of luring back existing members, or getting new ones? And how much extra work do you find managing an associated account? Is the ROI worth it?

Twitter: black rectangles for some Discourse pages
(Robwood2000) #2

I often use our Twitter and Facebook (when I remember) to remind people of regular events on our own platform (photo of the week competition etc).

It is probably better for reminding existing members to go there again than in encouraging new ones, but it costs nothing so does no harm either way.

(Sarah Hawk) #3

Hey Rob,
I do something similar, but I don't spend much time analysing the stats to see what works and what doesn't. I feel like I use SM as communication tools, rather than community building tools.

Do you spend any time analysing the data?

(Robwood2000) #4

TBH no. I see an uptick after the posts, so I haven't really bothered to look at the exact stats. 

Probably should track that more accurately! :)

(Darren Gough) #5

We used to have these in a former community.

It definitely seemed to attract a different audience into the community via social. Perhaps predictably a younger group (measured by those who added their age to their profile - so as reliable as you take that to be).

It also alienated some of our long term traditional members - without any real evidence we had some feedback that we were abandoning them when we could be giving the community itself more time for new features and so forth. Comments like "I HAVE NEVER USED TWITTER AND NEVER WILL" sprung up occasionally.

I wasn't entirely sure what they expected that sort of comment to do or why they made it, but it was an interesting effect. Perhaps the feeling that they weren't in complete control of their environment / the outsider factor played a part?

Did you experience anything like that in your community, Rob?


(Darren McKay) #6

I use both FB and Twitter a lot, yes.

The niche of my community has a single well-used hashtag so, when, a particular discussion on the community platform is proving popular, I will use that hashtag and ‘trending’ with a link to the discussion thread and post to Twitter. I mix up the posts - sometimes just text and sometimes attaching a relevant photo.

If there are a few ‘trending’ conversations I queue up tweets in buffer to my pre-defined schedule rather than push out multiple tweets around the same time.

I do similar with Facebook, but less frequently.

I also push out links to relevant and interesting content that I have curated, as well as using both channels to take questions and support matters from members of the community.