Letting people respond instantly while they're online and browsing

(Anton) #1

We found out that while someone is online, inviting them to a topic is much more effective than inviting them while they’re offline.

It gets even better if they just wrote a response somewhere a few minutes ago.

Works best for topics broad enough that multiple people can participate without specific knowledge or experience.

The logic here is simple.

Firstly, if someone is online and browsing topics, they’re dedicating some time and some of their thinking/reflection to your community. This no doubt is the right time to ask them to write a few words somewhere.

Secondly, if someone has just written something, chances get even higher that they’re ready to write something else - they’re in the mood of writing right now.

How we do it.

Really simple. We have a database query that fetches users who are online (last seen less than a few minutes ago), and (optionally) filters only those who wrote something up to 5…7 minutes ago.

Now, having such a list and some topic that you want to get a few new answers in, just invite those people, so they see a notification instantly and (hopefully) take action.

I regularly convert a 2-responses topics into a 7…10+ responses topics this way.

(Ernesto Izquierdo) #2

I like how simple this idea and how effective it can be… I’ll share it with my colleagues. We know who’s online in our internal Skype for Business… they are not in the community itself… but they are online… so it can be a way of getting inputs from community members.

(Anton) #3

On top of such a selection, we sometimes apply any of the following filters:

  • has a specific badge
  • has written at least once in a specific category
  • has a specific access level / role
  • has written at least N words in last month
  • has created at least one topic with a specific tag(s)
  • and so on, you get the idea

When combining various filters, you can target very well and bother only those people who are both online and (you think) might be touched / excited by the topic.