Letter from the Executive Director / CEO

(outofthebox) #1

I have the opportunity for our Executive Director to write a welcome message that goes out to everyone who joins our community (which is focused on engagement and mobilization around our organizational cause). What would be the top 2-3 points you would want your CEO/Executive Director to make in a letter to new members?

(Sarah Hawk) #2

I think this is your opportunity to appeal to the values of the audience – persuade them to join the cause.

I’d figure out what the one most important thing you want people to do is (make a post? share content? something else?) and then communicate that in a way that is going to make them buy in.

An impassioned message from the ED that gets under the skin of your members is going to be more powerful than a corporate style communication.

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(outofthebox) #3

Really helpful Sarah! I’ve incorporated some of this thinking into how I’m approaching this opportunity. I think the keys are to reflect upon the core values of our membership and the most important actions they can take in our community.

Thank you!

(outofthebox) #4

Hi Sarah,

Our Executive Director wrote a great note. I was able to draft a first version of it to make it easier for our ED to be involved in this way. I used a story-telling approach that tied together what our members can get out of the community with practical ways they can participate. I tried to make it relatively informal so that it would build a more authentic, open environment as new members begin to participate. I’ve received some encouraging notes back from members who are ‘wowed’ to receive such a personal message from our ED. Overall, I think it is a valuable component of the on boarding experience.