Let's talk politics

(Sarah Hawk) #1

I admit to deliberately using a clickbait title.

Given what happened yesterday, I suspect there are flamewars happening all over the internet.

I’m interested to hear how political discussions are handled in your communities.

(Suzi Nelson) #2

My community is deeeeead today. But it’s on Facebook, and I assume most people are avoiding even logging in today. I made a post that awknowledged it was a hard day for lots of people, and to post pictures of their furry office mates (that means PUPPIES!) as a way of supporting each other.

More people responded than I thought, and we’ve all been cuted out all day. It may be a “cheap” post, but everyone just needed a break and a smile.

(Sarah Hawk) #3

This is an interesting point in and of itself. I have almost completely avoided social media for the last couple of months because I was sick of hearing about the election. I’d be very interested to know how that has effected people financially that rely on SM for income (ie PPC or similar)

(Colleen Young) #4

Our community was largely inactive. It’s just starting to pick up now. I’m grateful for 2 reasons. Today is a travel day and I am thankful not to have polarizing political discussion in a health community. We will no doubt talk about medicare, anxiety and stress and the impact of the election but not today so far.

(Sarah Hawk) #5

What would happen? Would you allow it?

(Suzi Nelson) #6

Our FB ads were really expensive today haha

(Darren Gough) #7

it’s been interesting watching my social channels of this vs. brexit. I’d say I have a fairly even mix of US/UK/global friends but the reaction to Election seemed way less than Brexit. It almost felt like people didn’t have the energy to get angry (or happy) about it.

Or they were reeling in shock / have given it all up and gone to sit in their fallout bunkers!