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(Federico Patterson) #1

I use WordPress & BuddyPress, just starting this community, I read the Proven Path and I have learned quite a few important things, which I will start to apply. I would love to hear your valuable opinion of Lakesidew Today.


(Sarah Hawk) #2

Hi Federico – welcome.

Some of those pictures are stunning.

What is the primary goal of your community? What are you hoping that members will do?

(Federico Patterson) #3

The largest community of Expats in Mexico lives in Lake Chapala surrounding towns, so I came up with the idea to create an Online Community, where members can share experiences, tips, valuable info about living abroad and also on topics which they care a lot about, like pet care, food, meditation, art and music of Mexico, cost of living, make new friends, participate in the forums, etc.

The primary goal of this community is to start small and get to about 200 members this year. I hope that members will be very active and participate in conversations, writing about their experiences, sharing photos and videos, and also in the discussions forums.

(Sarah Hawk) #4

Great. How did you identify the need? Have you got strong relationships with a group of people that are interested?

(Federico Patterson) #5

We live an hour away from the area, it is well known that it has the largest offline community of English speaking people in Mexico, and there is no online community for them, so they can make more friends, learn more about life here, etc.

Yes with a few but I’ll be calling by phone and sending emails

(Federico Patterson) #6

Hi Hawk,

I have a question, I have a plugin in BuddyPress that restricts the content to logged in/registered members and automaticalle takes them to the registration page.

Non members can only open a few specified page which I setting in. Logged in users have full access to all the content.

Do you think it is a good idea?

I’d aprecciate your comments very much! Thanks’

(Sarah Hawk) #7

Yes, gating content fairly standard practice – that’s the value proposition for signing up.

Make sure that your registration process is frictionless – only ask for as much info as you really need – and that once people do register they can easy access to valuable content straight away. You don’t want their first experience to be anything less than enjoyable or they won’t come back.

(Federico Patterson) #8

Thanks a lot. Cheers!!!

(Kristen Gastaldo) #9

When I lived in London, I found this group really helpful -

Might be worth checking out as an example (even on a different platform).

(Sarah Hawk) #10

And @James_Higginson’s is another example of a successful expat community.

@CD_Kaleky was trying something similar at but I haven’t heard from him for a while so I’m not sure if it took off or not.

(Phil Betts) #11

It can go either way. To offer an alternative view to Hawks, is being able to see the content upfront before registering going to provide more of an enticement to return/join/participate than forcing them to register? You’ll lose people upfront by locking it down - the question is, is that offset by the gain in new registrants, and are they participating as much/more?

Hard to say without doing some longitudinal testing, but either way you need to make your value proposition clear upfront.

The site looks quite nice, though it’s not immediately clear who this site’s primarily for. Is it for people thinking about moving to Ajijic (the slightly unfortunate current string of lead articles makes it look like it’s a chamber of commerce-style pitch to attract retirees), is it for people that have just moved to the area, or is it for people who have been living there for a while?

Along those lines, “we are an Online Community with Social Media Features” could definitely be stronger. Is it about swapping local knowledge about places, history and services? Adapting to a different way of life? Finding the best value in town? It would be worthwhile interviewing the people who have signed up (or you’d like to sign up) and finding out what matters most to them, and tailoring your messaging around that.

Looks like a nice place, but probably too warm for me. :yum:

(Sarah Hawk) #12

That’s fair. The compromise is to have some un-gated content, with a ‘register to read more’ CTA.

(Federico Patterson) #13

Thanks Phil, valuable advise. Cheers!!!

(Federico Patterson) #14

Thanks Hawk. Always right. Cheers!

(Sarah Hawk) #15

Tell that to my kids. :wink: