KPIs for Community Team Members


(Laurenfaye512) #1


I’m working on a long overdue project to develop a set of metrics (and corresponding dashboards) and benchmarks to measure the performance of each of my community team members.

Right now, on an individual level, we look at:

  1. Response Rate (% of questions asked that get a first comment/response)
  2. Question Resolution Rate (% of questions that receive a best answer designation)

These metrics make sense because they are something the community moderator can directly impact week to week. But what else could I add here?

FYI: We do have more comprehensive metrics and reporting in place for the overall health and performance of the Community.

Curious to hear how other’s that are managing Community teams do this?



(Richard Millington) #2

Hi @laurenfaye512

Oddly, I’m only just seeing this message.

This might be relevant:

What platform are you using?

(Laurenfaye512) #3

Hey Richard!

We are on Salesforce Communities. Which is great in a lot of ways – except for their out of box reporting! :woman_shrugging: Which means that I’m often brainstorming and building a lot of reporting from scratch.

I have looked at that benchmarking doc. I really like how it is adapted from the CR resource. I think this is something I could definitely use, however, I was hoping to get some ideas on less subjective and more quantitative data that I could use.

I’m hoping there are other managers or directors of community teams out there that could offer some advice!