Knowledge Base Vs Community Blog


I currently manage our online Community which contains both a Knowledge Base and a Forum. Within the knowledge base we have knowledge articles and within the forums we have blog posts.

The two content types really confuse our internal users. I try to explain that a knowledge base is meant for troubleshooting solutions while the blog is meant to offer user perspectives, announcements.

Does anyone have both a Knowledge Base and a Community blog? If so, have you run into this problem and how did you create a clear definition to avoid confusion.

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One possible issue is that you’re actually confusing 3 different content types.

  1. Knowledge base, which is usually a static article or an answered question (hopefully searchable)
  2. Forum, which usually contains topics (back and forth conversations or Q&A among members, like this one we’re in right now).
  3. Blog posts, which are typically an article written by someone (and may allow comments, but it’s more of a one-way communication).

If you try to refer to your community posts as the “forums” or “topics” rather than a blog, that might help.

Also, you could try differentiating the KB from the Forum with colors/design. Any time you have multiple types of content, it can be confusing, I feel your pain!

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How I have avoided the confusion right now is to label Knowledge Base articles in my Support Community space and put blogs under communication Hub, which is another space for discussions.

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We have 3 types of content as well - forums, blog, and a knowledge base. In the content stream, they look a little different. And then they are under different navigation tabs as well. But, we are moving to a new more visual layout on our community platform and I anticipate there will be more confusion. One things we do is have all of the organization content (blogs, knowledge base) posted by an admin account that is very easy to spot.