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Hello Feverbee Community,
Im currently managing a 5K members B2B community. I would be happy to get some insights or KPIs on similar Knowledge Bases. We have 2K product articles and are trying to update them instead of creating new articles & evaluating their interests/benefits for our members.
Thanks a lot!
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Hi Alice,
I’m curious if you and your team are you familiar with Knowledge-Centered Service?
KCS provides a whole methodology and set of best practices (and certifications). Updating your existing content is probably a good plan, even if it’s just to ensure the articles are still relevant. If it’s old and will require a lot of work to update, then it’s probably best to create new articles based on demand and archive older ones along the way. Everyone’s use case is different, of course.

If you aren’t familiar with KCS, I’ll admit there’s a lot to unpack. We’re fully on-board at my company and I’m confident that you’ll find a lot of great information by reading through the materials and case studies.

I’d be happy to answer questions.


PS: Been here nearly 6 years and I think this is my first post :open_mouth:

Like @dclaybrook, I got my company onto KCS. It’s DENSE, but the main takeaway IMO is having your support agents search your help center for the customer question first to see if they can answer it there, and then propose edits or new articles that they see are needed while going through this work flow.

Zendesk has a Knowledge Capture app you can utilize, which makes this extremely easy.

Happy to chat more.

+1 for KCS - it informs the whole process and debate of new versus updates. We use this process at FinancialForce - driven by our Support team, who create a new article if an existing one doesn’t already exist. I think the challenge often lies in when the Knowledge Base itself grows and figuring out how to go about planning and executing maintenance and updates.