Keywords & SEO help for a class assignment

(Piper_Wilson) #1

Hey there folks,

I’m taking another social media class this semester. Last semester, we created ‘businesses’ for ourselves and then created business profiles and a blog to promote said business. I created a blog to talk about community management and I’m essentially pretending that I have enough experience to provide advice about online communities.

My first assignment this semester focuses on SEO and keywords. We are supposed to reverse engineer what our top three competitors are doing to get themselves listed high up in Google search results.

All of the keywords I’ve been using have returned tons of articles about community and social media management, but not a lot of results for blogs or consultants. My keywords so far have been related to online communities, online community management/manager, and community moderation.

Does anyone have any suggestions? There simply may not be many businesses out there similar to the fictional one that I created for myself but I figured that this would be the place to ask for ideas.

PS - Feverbee is in the top three. Of course!

(Sarah Hawk) #2

Your fictitious project is identical to the real-life one I undertook here last year. And you’re right – it is a huge challenge to try and pinpoint what people search for when they are looking for community consultancy. I spent countless hours using keyword tools.

The way that I went about it was using Adwords. I’d put myself in the position of someone that needed help with their community, pumped in as many words and long-tails as I could think of, and analysed which were most popular (yet still relevant).

I also trawled back through all the emails we’d had from past clients when they first came to us asking for help so that I could use the language that they used. For instance very few people search or ask for ‘community consultancy’. It almost always had something to do with the challenge they were facing (how to launch a community, how to build engagement).

You’ll probably find similar terms if you look through some of the topics here from people that sign up and post their challenges for the first time.

Does that help?

(Piper_Wilson) #3

It does! Thank you.

(Richard Millington) #4

You might have noticed this in our content, we targeted specific terms like examples, platforms, strategy etc…with really big content pieces.

Was quite enjoyable to do as well.