Jump All Over That Value Question. Every. Single. Time

(Richard Millington) #1

Originally published at: https://www.feverbee.com/value-question/

You could mumble something about engagement, try to wing it, and hope you survive the spotlight from a senior exec.

That’s not very fun though. And it’s certainly not great for your career.

Or you could pretend to be a caged tiger just waiting for the slightest question of value to arise so you can jump all over it.

Your attitude will determine your career altitude here.

If you try to avoid it, slink away from it, hope it doesn’t come… you won’t rise very far.

If you become determined to definitively prove value at every opportunity, your career outlook will…

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(Frank Field) #2

Oh. Mah. Gah. I’m in the midst of trying to calculate ROI using three different methods so my boss and I can be the caged animal ready to pounce… And I go to bed every night seeing your book (which I have read) on the nightstand.

Every. Night.

WHY am I not picking it up and re-reading chapter eight? I have no idea. Thanks for the reminder. I know what I’ll be doing tonight. Ahem. I mean, assuming the missus doesn’t have other plans. Or, rather if I fail to make those other plans appealing enough… I mean… Oh, hell, you know what I mean. Point is, I’ll be re-reading chapter eight! Soon!

(Sarah Hawk) #3

Did you see this?

(Frank Field) #4

I downloaded the spreadsheet and will add that to the versions of formulas I’m using to calculate ROI. It’ll be interesting to compare the various results.