Juggling different communities within one team


(Liz Crampton) #1

Hi Folks,

We have two types of community managed by our Community team:
1- the help forums (RoI is case deflection so reduced CS costs)
2 - the in-app peer to peer community (RoI is engagement/retention)

Does anyone else cover both in their teams?
How differently do you hold those types?
Do you have a different strategy for each or are they covered by the same community strategy?

And if you were going to hire a new team Director, is it reasonable to expect to find someone that is an expert at managing both? Would you be inclined to prioritize one over the other?

Keen to hear how everyone holds those within their teams.

(Travis King) #2

We have both. They tend to overlap most in our forums and we’d like to get better at servicing them better there.

There is a different strategy and different team for both right now but a case could certainly be made for bringing it all under one community umbrella.

A think a good Director would be able to handle both areas as long as they have good people under them who will be able to handle their individual teams. In fact, I think it’s much better to have a central community department rather than small teams that deal with the community broken up within the company.

(Darren Gough) #3

Tend to agree with @Travis. I think it’s important to identify what’s in it for the community in each scenario. Obv you’ve identified the company objectives, do those two communities instances do the same or different things once people have arrived? I imagine there’s a help / support element to the P2P community also?

I built a quasi version of this at MSE but the community was effectively the same thing but with different paths in. I suspect that might be the best place to start actually - working out what the routes in are for members, signposting accordingly and ensuring they end up where they need to be.

Obv not sure how your tech is set up in this instance, but I’d be trying to ensure that the community is a central hub so once the initial need of the member is met, whatever the route in, they can then discover the rest of the community.

(Liz Crampton) #4

Thanks @Travis, yeah, I’m inclined to agree that it’s better under one umbrella.

Hey @Darren_Gough, that’s an interesting point. They are held quite separately at the moment in terms of directing people between the help site to the peer support site.

Thanks both!