[JOB] Hiring for Developer Engagement Lead - will include community management role

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Apologies if this is off-topic, but seems like it could be of interest to folks here. Feel free to delete if it is spammy.

I’m hiring for a Developer Engagement Lead; part of the role is community management-y (and inspired in part by my reading here!) so I thought I’d post in case it is of interest. (full link)

First, brief summary of what we’re trying to do at my company, Tidelift: build a platform/network that helps pays open source developers for core maintenance work. We’re aiming to help create a world where open source developers can build a sustainable business around their projects, and software development teams get software they can depend on.

We’re looking for someone to own design and creation of our developer engagement process, including outreach, recruitment, and relationship management. This person will also play a key role in shaping the product and our public voice as we grow. In part, the role will be creation, nurturing, and management of a nascent community of developers - hence the posting here.

Past experience can be varied- developer advocacy, community management, even sales could be relevant backgrounds. Because this will cover so many different roles in a growing company, we expect and encourage applicants who want to/will need to grow into some aspects of the role.

Remote-friendly, in either US or UK; lots of travel expected.

Full description here again.

Feel free to ask questions if you’ve got them, either here (checked less frequently) or directly to luis@tidelift.com.

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